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EO-MINERS will identify and analyse policies related to the footprint of mining industries, at industry, government and civil society level. Information requirements will be derived and appropriate indicators assessed and identified for the global and the local level, covering both social and environmental indicators. These results are an essential input into the trialogue, but will be further developed by help of it.

In the context of structuring the trialogue, a Deliberation Matrix, a multimedia evaluation tool developed by C3ED, may be applied. This tool confronts the diversity of stakeholder views on the different issues (e.g. biodiversity preservation), using selected indicators. This should represent an opportunity to build a common representation and language of the exploitation and to structure the dialogue between the different actors.

Trialogue events will be organised on local level in connection with the annual project meetings (at test sites) and the final meeting. Additionally, one event will take place in Brussels in the second half of the project involving lobbying organizations like Euromines or IMA (Industrial Minerals Association) and other EU stakeholders together with members of the RMSG (Raw Materials Supply Group). Correspondingly, the trialogue is split up into so-called “local trialogue” and “European trialogue”. Trialogue activities will be accompanied by related web-based discussions via the discussion forum at the project web site.