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Test Sites


Test Site 3. - Makmal

Makmal Gold Enterprise was established on basis of the Makmal gold deposit discovered and explored in 1969-1977 and put into operation in 1986.

The Makmal deposit is located in the Toguz-Toro region of the Jalal-Abad oblast of the Kyrgyz Republic at the distance of 630 km from Bishkek city. The Makmal deposit is located at 2350-2800 m above sea level.

The nearest railway stations are: Balykchy town (465 km) and Djalal-Abad town (170 km). Motor service is carried out all year round on Bishkek-Kazarman road (645 km).

A number of technical and production personnel are about 1200 persons. Makmal deposit was exploited from 1986-1996 by open cast mining. As per the technical project the mining production and ore processing was 5,000 thousand tons/year. Within the 10-years period 21.7 t of gold was produced.

In pursuance of the KR Governmental Decree dated December 10, 1997, #722 "On extension of Makmal Gold Enterprise operation period", the works on mining and processing of base ore from the low-grade stockpile formed during the exploitation of the open-pit were commenced. In 2003 the Makmal Gold Enterprise completed the open pit mining of the Makmal deposit.

In order to extend the life time of the Enterprise, the management of Kyrgyzaltyn JSC took a decision on development of a working project for additional mining of reserves of the Makmal deposit by underground method below the level of 2500 m. It is planned, generally from own funds of Kyrgyzaltyn JSC, to invest USD 4 million into the reconstruction and modernization of the production and USD 3.5 million into the additional exploration of deep levels of the mine and flanks of the "Vostochnaya" and "Dioritovaya" zones of the deposit. Subject to the proof of geological reserves on the lower levels and the flanks of the existing mine in the amount of about 13 t of gold, the Enterprise's operational period may be extended until 2016.

With regard to the ecological monitoring, the branch of the "Makmal Gold Enterprise" carries out the following works:

The actual main oncerns relevant of ecological monitoring lie in the necessity of a) a regular (daily and weekly) monitoring of water resources and soil on the heavy metals content in the impact zone of tailing dump, b) a timely information of the local communities, other public bodies about environmental situation in the zone of "Makmalgold" operation and c) . meteorological observations in connection with climate change.

Furthermore, there is lack of equipment and trained staff to carry out environmental monitoring.

Makmal test site