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Scope of Work

The work plan starts with the identification of the needs from industry, regulatory bodies and stakeholders (society, NGOs) to evaluate the indicators and parameters to be taken into account in the assessment of the environmental, socio-economic and societal footprints of the extractive industry at each stage of a project, from exploration to exploitation and closure. Corporate level (extractive industry and relevant associations) as well as public level (regional, national to international) will be considered.World in hands photograph

This stage will serve as the basis for:

A strong RTD component will consist in developing EO-based tools and methodologies to observe and monitor the environmental and societal footprint of extractive industry activities over three demonstration sites located in heavily exploited areas:

Innovation will consist in the juxtaposition and/or fusion of various EO data through models or data integration schemes which fit at best with i) site specific requirements, and ii) the parameters and indicators to be addressed as defined during the previous stage.

In the perspective of the societal acceptability of extractive industry, one of the major aim of the project being to define tools “opposable” during discussions between the parties involved in a mining project life, a particular attention is paid to the definition and application of protocols and standards to EO data and added value products that guarantee the “quality and objectivity” of data and products.

Dissemination activities are addressed through:

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