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Czech Geological Survey logoCzech Geological Survey (CzechGS)

The Czech Geological Survey (CzechGS), founded in 1919, has evolved into an internationally recognized research institute covering a wide range of geo-scientific topics and services at both levels, national and international as well. It is a state budget organization, the resort research institute of the Ministry of the Environment. The CzechGS is the only institution the mission of which is the systematic research of the geological composition in the extent of the entire territory of the Czech Republic focusing on basic research and applied geological research as well. The main fields of expertise include geological mapping and research, study of mineral resources and their economic potential, mining impact assessment, geochemistry, environmental studies, applied geology, hydrogeology and natural hazards.

The main activities of the CzechGS can be briefly described as follows:

The CzechGS is a member of such international bodies as EuroGeoSurveys, FOREGS (Forum of European Geological Surveys) and ICOGS (International Consortium of Geological Surveys).

Role in project:

A representative of the CzechGS will be a Demonstration Site Manager for the Sokolov site, Czech Rep. Furthermore, Remote Sensing&GIS experts will actively participate in WP1, WP3, WP4 and WP5.In particular, the activities will include: Socio-economical data analysis (definition of required data sources, relationship between mining activities and consequent social and economic impacts for the Sokolov region (WP1); Site specific data collecting, EO data acquisition planning and processing (with focuses on detection and analysis of absorption features (field and image spectroscopy) to identify and quantify mineral mixtures), GIS modeling (hydrological analysis, 3D geological model construction), applying analytical methods for a close discrimination among organic and inorganic components of the collected field samples (ground truth) (WP3); EO data integration and creation of final products (WP4); promotion and presentation of the results at a national level, preparation of presentation materials (WP5).

Relevant experience:

Besides regional geological projects, Czech Geological Survey has been carried research under numerous geoecological projects focusing on acidification of the environment (BIOGEOMON), geological hazards in terms of slope instability (ISPROFIN), mining and processing ore risks (PECOMINES, JRC Ispra), mining impacts (Sokolov&Karlovy Vary Agglomeration, the Territory Affected by Mining and Fabrication of Mineral Material - Affection and Recovery of Essentials Functions of the Environment, R&D project of the Czech Ministry of the Environment, 2004-2006). The CzechGS has been administrating successful projects under
the auspices of the national program of foreign development aid (the so called CzechAid) while aiming at assessment and evaluation of mining risks and geological hazards in such countries as Zambia, Burkina Faso, Namibia, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Peru.


Key persons involved:

Veronika Kopačková photographVeronika Kopačková

Sokolov Demonstration Site Manager, Remote Sensing and GIS-based environmental risk assessment.
She has been a coordinator of the Remote Sensing Unit, Czech Geological Survey, since its establishment in 2005. In her research she focuses on mineral spectroscopy and slope instability modeling. Since 2007 She has taken part in a collaborative study (CzechGS, BRGM) over the Sokolov open pit mine focusing on application of field spectroscopy methods and their further utilization using Aster satellite data to identify AMD hotspots and to discriminate main mineralogical composition. Since 2009 she has been the PI of the Sokolov multidisciplinary hyperspectral project funded by the Czech Science foundation.

Kateřina Zelenková photographKateřina Zelenková

Socio-economical data analysis, GIS-based environmental risk assessment: experienced in geography, cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing. She obtained Master degree in Cartography and Geoinformatics at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, in 2009. Since November 2009 she works in the Czech Geological Survey as Remote Sensing and GIS specialist.