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Preliminary results (examples)



Test Site 1. - Sokolov - TIR airborne survey

In addition to hyperspectral surveys flown in 2009 and 2010 in 2011 a multispectral TIR airborne survey was scheduled for the week from 18th – 22 July, 2011. To record detailed climate and irradiation data, field work activities have been started on 14 July. The measurements included measurements to characterize surface materials on different locations (Figure 1) on selected sites by using an ASD spectroradiometer (reflective domain) and a mTIR (TIR domain, temperature and derived emissivity values). In addition temperature measurements have been done by using radiometer on different locations distributed over the entire area under investigation. In addition soil moisture values haven measured by using a TDR probe system on a selected area.

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TIR emissivity images
Figure 1: Mosaic of the 2011 AHS TIR emissivity images with measurement locations of
the ASD and mFTIR spectroradiometers

A climate station was set up to measure parameter of the radiation budget. These data sets will be used to get a better understanding of the incoming radiation fluxes on the days before the flight survey took place. The station was set up on a secure place and operated two days before the area has been flown (Figure 2). Data sets that have been logged automatically include rain, wind speed and temperature, air pressure, incoming and outgoing radiation budget. Near to the station logger systems have been placed vertically into the soil to measure temperature changes over the day and night.

Climate recording station Temperature logger
Figure 2: Installed station recording climate data and radiation budget parameter (left) and installed temperature logger near to the station