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Current Status

In the first period of the project, this has been the most active part of WP4 because it does not wholly depend on the execution of prior tasks in other work packages. The initial activity focused on the development and submission of a plan to house EO‐MINERS as a Sub‐Task in a modified Energy Societal Benefit Area. In discussion with other GEO stakeholders and projects, such as ImpactMin, this objective was expanded to cover minerals in general. The objective was pursued over several months in a series of interactions with the GEO Secretariat and community at GEO meetings and culminated in the submission of the plan as part of the annual review of the GEO Work Plan during 2010. Considerable effort has been put into engaging with the wider GEO community in this process and advocating the inclusion of Minerals Tasks within the next GEO Work Plan, 2012-15. This has involved participation by the WP Leader and others in a series of relevant meetings, including:

GEO structure