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The objective of this activity is to organise the EO-MINERS products so that they can form part of the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS) being developed by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). This will ensure that the project’s outcomes form a contribution to GEO from the minerals sector, filling a strategic gap in GEO, an initiative which does not address minerals to any meaningful extent at present.

This activity is designed to embed the outcomes of this project firmly in the GEO process. The Task group will review the existing GEO Tasks covering the 9 societal benefit and 5 transverse areas defined by GEO work plan 2007-2009. It will also analyse the databases of the four GEO standing committees. This analysis will be used to identify synergies and gaps between EO-MINERS and GEO, with the aim of mapping mining and environmental observation systems into the 9 GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas, identifying EO-MINERS contributions to existing GEOSS targets and defining new, EO-MINERS activities in support of GEOSS, based on the output of WP3. Throughout this process, working group members will maintain a dialogue with GEO, visiting GEO members and participating organisations in ACP countries and Europe as necessary. Emphasis will be put on active National Contact Points. Web links will be developed. EO-MINERS project team representatives will participate in GEOSS conferences and workshops, making presentations on the contribution of mining and environmental observations to specific societal benefit and transverse areas, and vice versa. EO-MINERS will also run a minerals workshop with GEO members and/or the GEO Secretariat. The expected deliverable is an ‘EO-MINERS to GEOSS Mapping Database and Report’ including (1) a proposal for the update of the GEO Work Plan, (2) proposals for follow-on projects to deliver against common EO-MINERS and GEO targets; and (3) proceedings of EO-MINERS presentations at GEO Workshops and Conferences.