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Earth Observation



Earth Observation in the frame of EO-MINERS - Remote Sensing Technologies

General Considerations

Remote sensing (RS) is a generic term that encompasses a wide variety of observational technologies (see following figure). As a matter of fact, a strict definition of the term will encompass all measurement techniques that do not require a direct contact with measured elements. This description will however improperly consider that remote sensing applies only to space- and airborne electromagnetic techniques.

Classification of remote sensing techniques diagram
Classification of remote sensing techniques.

RS technologies are usually based on interaction of electromagnetic radiations with the sensed matter and analyse the product of radiation transmitted, emitted or reflected. One should also keep in mind that there exist other methods based on non-electromagnetic principles. SONAR and SODAR techniques are based on analysis of vibrations (i.e. ‘sounds’) propagation, absorption and reflection within studied mater. At last, several techniques are related to the measurement of non-photonic particles such as electrons or protons.