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Work Package 1. - Policy Analysis and Indicator Identification.

Corporate Policies in a Mineral Extraction Context (EO-MINERS_D1_1_1) 28/04/11 1.6MB
Corporate Policies in a Mineral Extraction (EO-MINERS_D1_1_2) 06/06/11 1.4MB
Public Policy Analysis Including a preliminary list of stakeholders (EO-MINERS_D1_2) 00/07/12 1.2MB

Work Package 2. - Protocols and standards for EO products


EO Mission Planning for Environmental Monitoring of Mining Impact (EO-MINERS_D2_1_V1)

00/07/11 3.8MB

Work Package 5. - Communication, dissemination, capacity building and exploitation.

Preliminary Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground (EO-MINERS_D5_3_v2) 26/03/12 1.0 MB
Collection of Input Material to the Trialogue Workshops (EO-MINERS_D5_4_V1.1) 00/10/13 29MB